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"Thanks for bringing up the phases of trust - truly resonate!

It simply gave me the kick in the ass to do things and to be as I am - it sounds so simple yet it truly changed the meaning behind the words.”

- Dani Hofmann


“I listened to my inner voice and replied to the call to get Aliki’s coaching session. I didn’t really know what I was getting into as this was one of my first coaching experiences.

I loved our dialogue as it was her reflection with intuitive questions which were right on the spot to allow me to dwell deeper into my own psyche to get the leads on the topic we were getting into.

She beautifully summed it up and consciously brought up awareness about the topic - a pathway to feminine leadership.


The topic which will be alive for me in the future. It feels like I'm ready to fully own it.


I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who is ready to dive deeper to get answers from their own soul.”

- Kaja Pogacar

- Jen Kelman


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"🙏 I have been in this creation phase (as every year again - funny enough it mostly happens in these earth months of my bday)

Thanks for bringing up the phases of trust - truly resonate.

And thanks for bringing up the phases of change and fear. I had a lot of fear these weeks - not knowing what it will be that I will loose this time - but now you just reminded me that it is my priority and my choice.


Thank you!"

- Dani Hofmann

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